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Sculpture for Elysium Island Festival 2017

Sculpture was made in 3 days using only natural materials found on the island. It is located in a central part of the main stage. Idea was to present it as a tree like totem, with two faced wise entity, Both faces are spewing snakes, symbols of  rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing or in general a symbol of eternity and continual cycle of life. The upper part of the sculpture or a canape of the tree was made by Tamara Delic. She used colorful stretch canvases to create a beautiful geometric pattern.

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Puzzle for Imperial Palace Museum

Sirmium was one of the most significant city’s in Roman Empire. Ten Roman emperors were born in this city or in its surroundings and another eight lived here. Remains of Sirmium stand on the site of the modern-day Sremska Mitrovica, my hometown.

Puzzle illustration is portraying a feast at the palace in a humorous way. Common people at the time had a very simple diet, consisting of porridge, bread, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Nobility at the palace on the other hand enjoyed all the rare animals and plants from every corner of the empire. This illustration is showing extravagant lifestyle of rich and powerful in ancient times, underlined with boredom and self aggrandizing, two biggest concerns of the nobility.puzzle photosirmium slagalicaFSlagalicaKutija5

Cthulhu Illustration

My depiction of mythical creature from a short story “Call of Cthulhu” by H. P. Lovecraft


Slavic Mythology – Bauk

Bauk is a mythical creature from Serbian Mythology. The name Bauk comes from onomatopoeia BAU! (a Serbian sound similar to BOO!), used to scare somebody. This story presents it as a creature that hides in dark and abandoned places.  Bauk is a stealthy stalker with glowing eyes, it will grab, carry, and devour it’s pray. It’s usually portrayed as a fierce predator but is easily scared by noise and bright light. This story was used to scare disobedient and restless kids.

bauk s


Weponized Robots

robot army


TDS Album Cover

tds2 sample


The Elder Wand

the elder wand