Challenge Everything Create Anything

This was so far the largest project we did. Ten story high mural in downtown Ann Arbor , Michigan. Over a year in making, designing and planing, this mural is a result of a creative collaboration between Mary Thiefels and my self. It was created in partnership with Destination Ann Arbor and Wickfield Properties. Once approved, mural was painted in three weeks. Special thanks to our skillful helpers Io and Narooz Soliman.

This mural is a burst of color and imagery, representing a vibrant growing community and the creative desire that exists within us all. The little figure is challenging the giant empty wall with a splash of paint, this splash turns into a burst of imagery that celebrates human creativity, ingenuity and curiosity in a playful and illustrative way.  The mural highlights some of the unique places in Ann Arbor that represent learning, technology, innovation, arts, play, recreation and nature.

Special thanks to Tom Wille and his crew from Constant Motion for capturing our artistic process in the video and for helping us share the impact of this story.