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Slavic Myths – Svarog

In Slavic mythology Svarog is the sun and fire god. He is represented as divine smith, patron of passionate people that have the ‘fire of the heart’ and of blacksmiths. It was believed that he him self forged the sun and gave it to his son Dazhbog to carry it across the sky. The root word ‘svar’ means bright, Sanskrit word ‘svarga’ means sky or heaven and in Indo-Aryan “svar” means the sun. He is identified with Hephaestus in ancient Greek religion who was also a god of blacksmithing, crafting, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes.  Ancient Slavs use to swear to Svarog when making a promise or concluding a deal. Usage of his name was respected more then the names of other gods, for Slavs Svarog was a symbol of order.

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Slavic Myths

Vast cultural wealth of folklore in my region was always a great source of inspiration. Myths and legends were passed trough generations feeding imagination of people and they kept evolving and growing with their roots in Slavic and Greek mythology. Vampire (Vampir) was the first Serbian word that got in the global vocabulary. This myth was originated in Serbia centuries ago and spread trough the world inspiring many writers, artists and movie makers. In my illustrative series I’ll try to portray and revive those less known myths.

Baba Yaga

Brewguyver label design

New Unity Vibration label art. Brewguyver label design


New Creatures


High in the Woods

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Glad to announce my first short comic book with stoner beavers.

Main characters are Bruce and Chuck. Two irresponsible potheads always ready for a new adventure.

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New Unity Vibration Label Art

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Sky Trail

SKY TRAIL final 2